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Host the Frontend Anywhere

React Bricks allows you to host the frontend website and content administration interface wherever you prefer.

Whether it's Vercel, Netlify, AWS, Azure, or on-premise, the choice is yours.

Hosting the Frontend and Admin

The frontend website and the Admin interface are in your project, created by the CLI and is stored in your repository. You can host this website, whether it's Next.js, Remix, or Gatsby, wherever you prefer.

React Bricks hosts the APIs as a service. These APIs store and serve the content. The databases and API servers are located in secure, GDPR-compliant data centers within the EU. All assets are stored on a global CDN. There's no requirement for a backend server or an external service for image optimization, as React Bricks provides everything you need.

Build Hooks

For static site generation (SSG), in order to update the content on the website, you need to trigger a deploy process when content changes on React Bricks CMS. To facilitate this, set your build hooks (for the Dev, Staging and Production targets) in the React Bricks Dashboard.

React Bricks supports custom headers and a JSON payload for the POST method. In this way you can use Github actions and advanced hooks configurations.

What about self-hosting the Backend?

For enterprise customers with strict hosting requirements, we offer a Self-hosting plan for the Backend.

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