Visual editing CMS for React

The only headless CMS with true Visual Editing.

Turn your React components into visual editing blocks. Make marketers autonomous. Keep the design system safe.

They trust us.

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CODE Visual

React for developers, visual for content editors.


Create content blocks using React and TypeScript.
Constraints in code ensure the brand image can't be compromised.

Content editors

The marketing team uses content blocks to compose pages visually.
It's as easy as a word processor.

Everything starts in Code.

Start in 1 minute

Launch the CLI, select your starter and the framework you love: Next.js, Next.js with App Router, Remix or Gatsby.

npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

Your React components

Enhance your React components with Visual editing. Everything is fully typed in TypeScript.

Leverage our VSCode extension to autocomplete the bricks' code!


Learn with the Step-by-step Tutorial, explore the full documentation, or explore the How tos.

Developers Area
React Bricks allowed us to have a beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.

Stefan Nagey

Senior Director of Engineering at Deel

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