Visual Headless CMS for Startups

React Bricks is an ideal CMS for startups with technical expertise. It enables developers, designers, and marketing teams to collaborate efficiently and iterate quickly.

Why are Startups a great match with React Bricks?

Startups typically exhibit three traits that align perfectly with React Bricks:

  • Strong technical skills: Modern technologies like Next.js or Remix are frequently used. Integrating React Bricks in such an environment is straightforward
  • A vibrant internal marketing team: This team often works closely with the CEO and CTO, requiring an easy-to-use authoring tool to quickly test new ideas.
  • An innovative mindset: This leads to the adoption of innovative solutions, such as React Bricks.
We tried multiple traditional headless CMSs, but they just were not cutting it, as they have just white fields asking you to add content without understanding how that content would look on the website.
Hannah Calvert @ Everfund

Hannah Calvert

Marketing executive @ Everfund

What does a startup need in a CMS?

A startup needs a CMS that:

  • Allows quick website creation in order to start testing ideas as soon as possible.
  • Provides a strong foundation for scalability, preventing the need to start from scratch when growth occurs.
  • Leverage the existing IT knowledge, and React is likely already in use for product or service development.
  • Features an easy-to-use editing interface: quality content comes from a cycle of writing, measuring, and revising, making it essential for the marketing team to easily apply changes with no delays.
React Bricks helped us refactoring our website from Wordpress to Next.js, allowing us to build quickly the entire blog section reusing our internal design-system components library. No one from the marketing team would ever go back!
Francesco Dominidiato @ Casavo

Francesco Dominidiato

CTO @ Casavo

Why startups are transitioning from pure headless CMS to React Bricks?

We see many startups transitioning to React Bricks, either from visual site builders like WebFlow or from pure headless CMSs. The main reasons why they are switching to a React visual headless CMS are the following.

1. Quick Setup

With the React Bricks CLI a developer can setup a new project in 1 minute with just one command:

`npx create-reactbricks-app@latest`

If you already have a design system implemented with React components, turning your component into “bricks” (the React Bricks content blocks) is a matter of a few days. Otherwise, you can start using the pre-made content blocks to create the first pages immediately and then customize the content blocks later, to match your corporate identity and brand guidelines.

2. Leverage existing knowledge

Your development team is probably already using React for your startup code or for your website. If you already have React components, you can easily add the inline visual editing layer and connect them to React Bricks. Your marketing team won’t need any training as the visual interface is very easy and intuitive: if they can use a word processor, they can use React Bricks.

3. The best authoring interface

Your content editors will love the React Bricks content management interface, with true inline visual editing. They will just directly edit your website by pointing, clicking and editing inline. It’s as easy to use as Wix, but with your own corporate image.

React Bricks allowed us to have a beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.
Stefan Nagey @ Deel

Stefan Nagey

Senior Director of Engineering @ Deel

4. Best speed and SEO performance

React Bricks leverage the latest React frameworks, like Next.js, Remix or Gatsby, with either SSG, SSR or ISR. For Next.js, React Bricks supports also the new App Router with React Server Components to achieve top page speed performance.

As for SEO, React Bricks has an advanced SEO module which guides your marketing team in the optimization of Meta tags, Open Graph and Twitter Card data and the semantic data.

5. Ready to scale

React Bricks is being used by enterprise customers like Deel, The Weather Channel, and major banks. When you need to scale, we are ready to support you. Start today with a Basic plan, knowing that tomorrow you will be able to grow without changing your tech stack.

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