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The best CMS for Gatsby 

React Bricks is the leading headless CMS for Gatsby with true visual editing capabilities. Finally you can move away from WordPress and leverage the best inline visual editing interface, along with excellent TypeScript and React DX.

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby is an excellent framework for generating extremely fast static websites using a headless CMS such as headless WordPress or Contentful.

Many web agencies are transitioning from monolithic CMS like WordPress or Drupal to a solution based on a headless CMS and a React front-end, using a framework like Gatsby or Next.js.

Advantages of React Bricks compared to a Pure Headless CMS

1. Inline Visual editing

React Bricks offers a true inline visual editing experience, like Elementor, but based on a performant React frontend. This feature allows content creators to be as productive as they would be using a word processor, without the risk of compromising the design system.

2. Developers save time - It's Just React!

React Bricks simplifies the development process by removing the necessity of switching between a headless CMS to create fields and the code to retrieve and display the data. You define fields directly within your React components.

Inline visual editing is powered by visual components such as Text, RichText, and Image within the components' JSX. Other properties, for example to change the background color, are mapped to sidebar controls. This approach is both straightforward and robust, ensuring that the corporate image cannot be compromised by content editors.

What's more, once bricks are created, no developer's time is required any more: content editors are autonomous composing pages.

3. Switch React framework in Minutes

Your site is framework-independent: for example you’ll be able switch from Gatsby to Next.js in a matter of minutes, just setting up a new starter connected to the same React Bricks app and with the same bricks (content blocks). Your React content blocks work cross-framework in Gatsby, Remix or Next.js.

4. No User Training Required

A headless CMS can be complex for the marketing team. React Bricks helps content editors feel comfortable from the start, so that users don't need any training.

Why React Bricks is the best CMS for Gatsby.js?

  • React Bricks has the best developer experience, based on TypeScript and React.
  • Developers save time by enabling content editors to work autonomously
  • The marketing team has a great interface with inline visual editing, so that they are immediately efficient (it's like Wix, but for corporates).
  • The corporate image cannot be compromised, as editors have good constraints defined in code.
  • Transitioning to another React framework, like Next.js, in the future is quick and straightforward.
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