Multiple Content Environments

Create multiple content environments to effectively manage the content and permissions of different deployment environments, such as Development and Production.

Let your developers test the appearance of new content blocks on pages, without compromising the production website!

Creating and managing Content Environments

React Bricks' Dashboard allows you to create different content branches for your project. This feature helps maintain separated content across various environments.

Environments can be useful in scenarios such as:

  • An environment for developers, where they can experiment with content while creating new bricks. Occasionally, they might want to sync the main environment's content back to the development one.
  • Working on a second version (v2) of a website, while maintaining the first version (v1). When ready, you can push the new content to the main branch.
  • Preserving an older version of the website content that might be useful in the future. For instance, you can create a new branch for a Black Friday event, then easily revert to the standard content thereafter.

Each environment has its own content, users, build hooks, languages, and change history.

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