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Localization of content is a priority, not an afterthought. React Bricks is used in corporate websites translated into more than ten languages.

Support for Localized Content

React Bricks has built in support for localization. You can add new languages in seconds from the dashboard and then create the page translations with the click of a button.

When a new translation is created, the content is duplicated from the default language. From this point, the translated page is completely independent. You can change the text, images, props, slug, SEO, and anything else to accommodate the new language and market.

Using localized content in the frontend

In the frontend, you can load the content in any language by specifying the locale in the fetchPages and fetchPage functions.

In the Next.js starters, Next.js i18n routing is already configured for you. React Bricks retrieves the locale from the Next.js routing context and uses it accordingly. Just add your languages to the next.config.js file, and you're all set!

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