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Approval Workflow

Decouple save from publish and define the best Approval workflow for your company needs.

How it works

React Bricks has two different types of workflows you can choose from:

Working copy

With the "Working Copy" workflow, the content is not immediately available when saved. This means that if you have a page under construction, the content being worked on will not be published on the production website when someone requests a rebuild of the static website or views it with server-side rendering (SSR).

When you save a page, a new copy of the content is created, known as the "working copy." Once the page is ready, you can "commit" the changes to apply them and make them ready for deployment.

Working copy

Approval workflow

The approval workflow is similar to the Working Copy workflow, but with an additional step. When the editor commits the content of a page, the working copy is not immediately merged into production. Instead, another user with the approval permission needs to review and approve the content before it can be merged into the production environment.

Approval workflow

How to enable the approval workflow

From the Dashboard, if you have the Approval Workflow add-on enabled, you can configure the workflow, by choosing the desired behavior:

  • Working Copy: This workflow decouples saving and publishing, meaning that the content is only visible when it is marked as ready for publishing.
  • Approval required: With this workflow, when the content is ready and the editor commits it, it must be approved by a user with the proper permission before it becomes visible.

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