The best visual headless CMS for Marketing teams

React Bricks is the only headless CMS that offers inline visual editing. This feature makes it as user-friendly as a word processor for content editors.

It combines the simplicity of a visual site builder with the benefits of a headless CMS.

Inline Visual editing

React Bricks provides an advanced visual editing layer that is simple to use. With a point-and-click process, you can directly write text or replace images, using an interface similar to familiar platforms like Word or Pages. No additional training is necessary.

While other headless CMSs claim to offer visual editing, they generally refer to a sidebar form where the editors input text, and a preview appears on the page after a short delay.

React Bricks introduces a more immediate approach. You can write directly on the page and only need to use sidebar controls when adjusting the properties of the current content block, such as changing the background color or spacing.

Advantages over a visual site builder

React Bricks combines the ease of use of a website builder with the capabilities of a full-fledged headless CMS.

In particular, it ensures the corporate image remains consistent. While content editors need the freedom to create, unrestricted control can lead to design inconsistencies and potentially compromise the corporate image.

React Bricks allows developers to create content blocks as React components. These mirror the corporate design system, providing flexibility for editors, while maintaining essential constraints.

The Digital Asset manager

Image upload and transformation

When editing a page and you need to select an image, you have several options. You can choose an existing image from the library (DAM), upload an image from your computer, find an image from Unsplash, or load an image from a URL.

After selecting an image, you'll have the option to provide an SEO-friendly name and ALT tag. You can also transform the image as needed, such as rotating, flipping, or cropping it.

React Bricks retains a reference to the original image. This means you can re-crop an image and even enlarge the crop area if needed.

Assets management

React Bricks features an enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. This allows editors to organize, search, and reuse assets, as well as upload new images and files. With the DAM, content editors can:

  • Search assets using keywords
  • Organize images and files into folders
  • Filter images based on whether they are used or unused
  • View and modify data such as title, description, SEO-friendly name, source, and copyright
  • See the original source in its full width
  • Find (and reuse) all references of the image in the pages

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Image optimization

React Bricks offers built-in image optimization and delivery from a global CDN. Whenever an image is uploaded, React Bricks servers generate optimized images for responsive viewing. These images are in the next-gen WebP format with suitable fallback and a blur-up image for browsers that don't support lazy loading of images natively. The optimized images are distributed from a global CDN, which is included at no extra charge in all React Bricks plans.

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React Bricks supports localization natively. You can add new languages quickly from the dashboard and create translations with just a click.

For each page, content editors and translators will see a tab for each language. This makes content translation very straightforward.

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Real-time presence and automatic locking allow editors to collaborate easily without the risk of conflicts when multiple users edit the same page at the same time.

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Advanced SEO

React Bricks includes an SEO module that guides editors towards best-practice optimization.

Within the SEO module, content editors can set:

  • Meta data such as slug, title, description, and keywords
  • Open Graph data and images, with automatic resizing and guided cropping to maintain the correct aspect ratio
  • Twitter Cards data and images, with automatic resizing and guided cropping to maintain the correct aspect ratio
  • Complete support for semantic data, encompassing 14 schemas, from Article and Event to Product, How To, ...and even Recipe!

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Scheduled publishing

React Bricks can schedule the publishing of your pages. You can leave a page in "draft" status and set a future date and time for its publication.

When that day and time arrive, the content will automatically transition to the "published" state. React Bricks will also trigger the deploy hook in your hosting environment, ensuring that the newly published page will be visible to the world!

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Great for the whole team

React Bricks is an excellent tool not only for the content and marketing teams but also for developers. As a React-based platform, it supports all the latest frontend technologies and offers great flexibility.

React Bricks is an enterprise-grade CMS featuring approval workflows, customer roles, fine-grained permissions, content versioning, and more.

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