Digital Asset Manager

Keep all your media in one place: upload, transform, archive, search, and reuse.

Select, Upload, and Modify Media

While editing content, you can re-use assets from your media gallery, or upload new images and files from various sources. You can upload files either individually or in batches. There is also an option to import an image from a URL or select one from the Unsplash image library.

After selecting an image, you can view its details and modify properties such as file name, title/caption, alternate text, source, and copyright. Images can be cropped, flipped, or rotated as required before adding them to the page.

React Bricks optimizes images for optimal performance and serves them from a global CDN. Learn more about image optimization.

Organize your Assets

The media library contains all the images and files uploaded for a project. You have the option to browse images in either a list or thumbnail layout. Furthermore, you can use the filters or the search bar to quickly find the perfect image for your needs.

You can delete assets and then recover them from the trash bin. You can also organize media into folders for better efficiency.

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