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Enterprise Support

Support and Customer Success

We strategically partner with customers to ensure their success, focusing on their needs and delivering measurable value.

We collaborate with customers from the onboarding stage up to the website launch, and continue to provide our dedicated support service afterwards.

Each of our enterprise customers is assigned a Customer Success Manager. They assist with the selection, purchase, and adoption of our content management solution, and support the customer's future growth and expansion.

The React Bricks team was very reactive to give us some advices or fix an issue when we saw one. 100% satisfied!
Jean Carrière @ Woosmap

Jean Carrière

VP of Engineering @ Woosmap

Nice contact with Matteo, very fast support. Nice collaboration at all.
Johannes Hofmockel @ LaVita

Johannes Hofmockel

Senior Developer @ LaVita

The React Bricks team was very responsive and helpful (even on holidays), so a big thank you to them!
Aymen Ben Amor @ BeJs

Aymen Ben Amor

Founder @ BeJs

Professional Services

We provide Professional Services to satisfy specific requirements. These services can be particularly beneficial to quickly understand the use of custom content blocks, address complex scenarios, or set up scripts for importing content from an existing content management solution.

Check out also the Self-hosting and Security pages.

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