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Scheduled Publishing

The marketing team often prepares content in advance and schedules it for future publishing. This could be for a blog post or New Year's Day greetings.

React Bricks includes a built-in scheduled publishing feature. This feature can also trigger a build hook in your site's hosting environment when future-dated content gets published.

Schedule Future Publishing

React Bricks allows you to maintain a page in "draft" status and schedule its future publication. Simply select the desired date and time for publishing. On that day and at the specified time, your content will automatically transition to the "published" state, making it accessible via the frontend APIs.

We trigger your build hooks!

For static site generation, if you want new content to be published at the scheduled time, you need to call the deploy hook in your hosting environment (Vercel, Netlify, AWS, Github actions, etc.).

Don't worry: you don't have to manually trigger the build at midnight to rebuild the website. Instead, just enable the "Trigger hook on scheduled publishing" option for your production build hook. We'll trigger it as soon as the new content is published.

At midnight, just celebrate with your favorite champagne or, even better, an Italian "metodo classico" 🥂🇮🇹.

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