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Why React Bricks

Content editors and Developers: One Team.

Save developers and marketers time, convey your corporate image, achieve top performance. See why top teams in the world are choosing React Bricks.


Save Developers time

Developers use their React and TypeScript skills to create reusable "Lego bricks" of content with the flexibility of React. It is possible to transform an existing React-based design system into bricks in hours.

Once developers have created all the necessary bricks, there is no longer a need for developers' involvement. Content creators have the freedom to compose pages using the content bricks.


Marketing team efficiency

With its unique Inline Visual Editing interface, React Bricks offers the easiest editing experience in the market. There is no training time required, and composing pages is effortless.

Your marketing team doesn't want to depend on the development team: make them autonomous.


Convey your Corporate Design

Developers have unlimited design possibilities to create the pixel-perfect corporate image using any CSS framework.

Editors have no way to compromise the Design System, as design constraints are defined in code.

Beara Beara


Enterprise-grade solution

We are powering the content management solution of globally recognized brands like The Weather Channel or Deel, European banks, Fashion brands e-commerce systems, Corporates, and more.

We are fully GDPR compliant, with data residency in the EU. React Bricks has enterprise features like Approval workflow, SSO, custom roles and permissions, multiple environments, scheduled backup.

The Weather Channel
The marketing department is very satisfied. The React Bricks team was also very reactive.

Jean Carrière

VP of Engineering at Woosmap



Performance & SEO

Achieve top performance using a modern tech stack, like Next.js or Remix. React Bricks supports React Server Components (RSC) with the Next.js App Router to achieve top page speed metrics.

We have a SEO optimization module that makes it simple to add meta data, with the full implementation of



We are your Partner

We are passionate people building content management solutions for more than 25 years.

Our goal is your success and we are here to support you as an extension of your team. Together, we can shape the best content management solution tailored to your needs.

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