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Beara Beara improves the shopping experience with the visual CMS React Bricks

Discover how React Bricks helped convey the luxury brand image while making content management very easy

Beara Beara Fashion e-commerce chooses React Bricks

Something about Beara Beara

Beara Beara is a British luxury fashion brand of handcrafted satchels and bags. Timeless and stylish pieces created by Bolivian artisans. The brand embarked on a digital transformation journey to expand its global footprint and enhance its online shopping experience.

Through a strategic partnership with Cygnet, Beara Beara focused on revamping its corporate image, streamlining the content management solution, and optimizing the shopping experience to support the brand's ambitious growth plan.

The challenge

Beara Beara needed to align the website image and content with the brand's high standards for quality and customization. Their goal was also to boost users engagement by offering personalization options, such as accompanying straps or embossed messages, to increase the average order value. A significant part of this challenge involved setting up an efficient content management system to create eCommerce content and blog posts in the easiest possible way. Furthermore, it was critical that content editors adhered to the design system to create content, thereby preserving the brand identity.

Beara Beara website page with React Bricks

Discovery and decision

React Bricks' collaboration with Beara Beara started through a partnership with Cygnet, a UK-based web development agency that delivers transformational projects for well-known multinational brands ranging from B2B retailers to charities and NGOs.

Cygnet selected React Bricks for its user-friendly visual editing capabilities, which allowed the marketing team to manage the site’s content and design effortlessly while maintaining consistency with the brand's design style guide. As one of our trusted partners, we collaborated with Cygnet to provide the best content management solution for Beara Beara.

Leveraging React Bricks for the Beara Beara project streamlined our development workflow significantly, leveraging our React and TypeScript skills. Its intuitive interface and flexibility with Next.js made it easier for our team to implement complex features efficiently, enhancing the site's performance and user experience without compromising on design.
Peter Ross @ Cygnet Digital

Peter Ross

Director @ Cygnet Digital

Beara Beara website page with React Bricks


The framework of choice was Next.js 14 with React Server Components, Swell as a headless e-commerce and React Bricks for content management. This project marked the first implementation of React Server Components (RSC) within React Bricks, setting a new standard for website performance and image optimization.


Cygnet developed a sophisticated e-commerce website for Beara Beara using React Bricks. It showcases the versatility and capability of React Bricks in meeting the image needs of a luxury brand and powering high-performance headless commerce storefronts.

The new website is very easy to update with the visual interface provided by React Bricks. Our content editors are really happy with it and they can use the system right away with no need for training. In this way content is always fresh and engaging!
Jake Bullough @ Beara Beara

Jake Bullough

Founder @ Beara Beara

Beara Beara website page with React Bricks