What is React Bricks?

React Bricks is a Headless CMS with inline Visual editing for React.

You create the content blocks of your corporate design system as React components using our fully-typed React library and any CSS framework. In the components' JSX you can use the React Bricks visual editing components (Text, RichText, Image, Repeater, etc.) to make the content blocks visually editable.

Editors can compose the pages using your components, that we call Bricks.

We take care of the server-side: the React Bricks library saves the content to our APIs. Images are optimized and saved from a global CDN.

The library reads the JSON content for each page, which contains the props of every brick and matches it with your React design system, to render the right blocks with their props applied.

React Bricks is compatible with Next, Remix and Gatsby.

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