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React Bricks Dashboard

React Bricks Dashboard is where you can create new Apps, change each App's settings and plansand also invite other users to collaborate on an App.

You find the React Bricks Dashboard at

Open the Dashboard

Log in with your credentials (the same you use to access the Admin interface for editing content).

When you log into the Dashboard you will see a list of your apps: you will find the "reactbricks-tutorial" app. Click on it.

Navigate to the "Users" section and observe that your user is an Admin for this app. Click on "Invite new user". You will see a popup where you can enter the user's email address and assign the user's role and permissions for this app.

After clicking "Send invitation", the user will receive a link via email. If they already have a React Bricks account, they simply need to accept the invitation. If not, they will be invited to register for a free React Bricks account.

Congratulations! You've just invited your first React Bricks content editor!

With that, you've completed the React Bricks tutorial! 👏
Now you are a React Bricks Master! 🍾🥂

# Time to get points

React Bricks Dashboard is used for...