Set up with the CLI

The best way to create a new App is using React Bricks CLI:

$ npx create-reactbricks-app@latest

Launch the command. After authenticating, you'll be able to choose an existing app or create a new app.

For the tutorial, let's choose:

  • Create new app.
  • App name: reactbricks-tutorial (the same for project name and folder name).
  • Starter project: Website and Blog with Tailwind
  • Framework: Next.js with Pages router
  • Load default content: Yes
Docs reference
» The CLI

While the CLI is working for us, cloning the template's repo for us, configuring it and installing all the dependencies, let's take a deep breath to get ready for the next steps.

Hint: Usage with Server Components

If you'd like to use React Server Components, and so you choose Next.js with App router, you will need to pay attention to the small differences in the bricks code to have it work with Server Components.

During the tutorial we'll try to make bricks that are already RSC-compatible, but for the import statement that should be from `react-bricks/rsc` instead of `react-bricks/frontend`

See Working with Server Components


You may also create a new app from the React Bricks Dashboard and then scaffold it from the CLI by choosing it from the App lists, instead of creaing a new App from the CLI.

# Time to get points

What's the best way to create a new app?