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Casavo built their new Next.js website and blog leveraging React Bricks visual CMS.

Discover how the Casavo developers created beautiful content blocks as React components and how their marketing team across europe built over 1,000 pages in 3 languages leveraging the React Bricks unique visual editing interface.

Casavo Real Estate chooses React Bricks

About Casavo

Casavo is a PropTech scale-up providing smart solutions for buying and selling homes. Thanks to its innovative model and technology, it is revolutionizing the real estate market and simplifying the process for both sellers and buyers. Casavo guides its customers through every step of the selling and buying process, providing total transparency and control. This allows customers to quickly find the ideal offer or the home that matches their needs.

Casavo also offers complementary services, such as mortgage brokerage. They regularly collaborate with main operators in the sector, including banks and real estate agencies.

Founded in Milan in 2017 by Giorgio Tinacci, Casavo has served nearly 7,000 customers so far, including home sellers and buyers, raising over 800 million euros in equity and debt from prominent international investors. The company operates in 10 cities across Italy and France.

The Challenge

Casavo had an existing blog, but required a solution that would enable them to rapidly and simply expand their content in multiple languages. They also wanted to leverage their expertise in React and Next.js, their web development stack of choice.

As an international startup, they were venturing into new markets and felt the need to communicate in different languages. They sought to create valuable content easily while also duplicating and translating existing content. SEO was another essential aspect of their content creation requirements.

When you have to launch in a new market, you have to take care of many different communication channels. Owned channels such as the website or the blog are key to convey your message, as well as to build SEO-oriented content that can help grow a business’ brand awareness right from the start. Having the right tool to manage all this is extremely important.
Gloria Trevisan @ Casavo

Gloria Trevisan

Chief Marketing Officer @ Casavo

Casavo website made with React Bricks

Discovery and Decision

Casavo first became aware of React Bricks at a React conference in Italy, where React Bricks was a major sponsor.

At the time, they were considering different content management solutions. Their developers were drawn to React Bricks because it is a fully React-based solution, compatible with TypeScript and Next.js. Their marketing team appreciated how React Bricks allowed them to create content autonomously using a user-friendly solution that didn't require any training.

Giving the enthusiasm of our developers when they discovered React Bricks, it was an easy pick for us when we started developing the new version of our website. Then also the marketing team discovered the advantages of visual editing.
Gloria Trevisan @ Casavo

Gloria Trevisan

Chief Marketing Officer @ Casavo

Casavo website made with React Bricks


Casavo is using React Bricks to create and publish content for their blog, guides, and testimonials sections on their website. This strategy allows them to produce SEO-oriented content that ranks among top Google search results for their target keywords. It also provides a platform to share regular company updates.

React Bricks is easy to use and very flexible. We can leverage a modern frontend stack, editors are very happy and we know the design system is always safe.
Paolo Ferretti @ Casavo

Paolo Ferretti

CTO @ Casavo


Casavo successfully expanded their brand visibility and awareness by publishing multilingual content on their blog and website. This strategic move improved their ranking on Google search results.