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LaVita integrates React Bricks into their Gatsby website to enhance content editing experience

Discover how LaVita leverages React Bricks to empower their marketing team with inline visual editing.

LaVita juice producer chooses React Bricks

About LaVita

LaVita is a product that blends over 70 natural ingredients with essential vitamins and trace elements. All these are combined in one delicious and scientifically-proven formula, making it ideal for the entire family and easy to include in daily routines.

LaVita was conceived by Gerd Truntschka, the long-standing captain of the German National Ice Hockey Team. The company has a 25-year history and currently employs 227 people.

The challenge

The marketing team found the headless CMS too complex; they were unable to create content without the assistance of developers.

LaVita used various headless content management systems, but they were all too abstract for content editors.

Landing pages creation took several days. Now it's a matter of hours.
Andreas Altenburg @ LaVita

Andreas Altenburg

Chief Marketing Officer @ LaVita

LaVita website made with React Bricks

Discovery and decision

LaVita found React Bricks through a Google search. They were looking for a visual page builder based on React components that required minimal configuration, and was also compatible with Gatsby.

They chose React Bricks because it is easy to configure, has a user-friendly visual editing UI for content editors, and its Admin interface is integrated directly into the frontend project.

Our team loves how effortlessly intuitive this tool is! It empowers us to swiftly make updates without relying on frontend developers, streamlining our workflow and ensuring our content stays fresh.
Xenia Roecker @ LaVita

Xenia Roecker

Creative Director @ LaVita

LaVita website made with React Bricks


LaVita was able to integrate React Bricks into their existing Gatsby website. Developers created custom content blocks as React components with their own CI, allowing marketing staff to autonomously create pages.

The Developer Experience has been highly positive. Developers particularly appreciated the use of TypeScript, the self-explanatory schema configuration, and the ease of integrating React Bricks into their legacy codebase.

Good documentation, Typescript is a big benefit, schema configuration is self-explainable, easy to integrate in our legacy codebase. Nice contact with Matteo, very fast support. Nice collaboration at all.
Johannes Hofmockel @ LaVita

Johannes Hofmockel

Teamlead Software Development @ LaVita


React Bricks is an ideal solution for LaVita's needs. Their new website, which is internationalized for over 30 markets and in 8 languages, is entirely built with React Bricks.

The marketing team is extremely pleased with the easy-to-use visual editing interface. It has greatly reduced their workload, turning the creation of landing pages and marketing campaigns from a several-day task into just a few hours.

Another significant benefit is that developers can now concentrate on their core tasks instead of creating landing pages.

Finally, they highly value our responsive support and productive collaboration.