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React Bricks helped Capbase (Deel) create an easy to maintain website

Discover how Capbase built its website using React Bricks to make the marketing team autonomous

Capbase by Deel chooses React Bricks

About Capbase

Capbase is a platform that provides startups with everything they need to launch and scale, allowing founders to focus on building their companies instead of handling administrative tasks and paperwork.

Capbase helps businesses incorporate, maintain compliance, manage equity, and raise funds from investors.

In 2023, Capbase was acquired by Deel, a leading global payroll and compliance platform.

The challenge

Capbase needed a solution that leveraged the React skills of the development team to create a website that was easy to update by the marketing team. They aimed for marketing team autonomy, particularly for sections like the blog. This way, after the initial setup, the development team could focus on their core business rather than the website content management.

Capbase features

Discovery and decision

Capbase was one of the first paid customers of React Bricks. They discovered React Bricks while searching for a React-based CMS with visual editing capabilities. When they found React Bricks, it seemed to perfectly meet their needs.

At the time, in 2020, React Bricks was still in its early phase. However, Capbase believed in the tool, and we met their expectations.

React Bricks allowed us to have a beautiful website that drives business goals and is easy to maintain.
Stefan Nagey @ Deel

Stefan Nagey

Senior Director of Engineering @ Deel

Capbase Blog


Capbase implemented a vanilla React solution with a prerender service, rather than using a framework like Next.js or Gatsby. React Bricks adapted easily to this environment as it is “just React” and does not rely on any specific framework.


Capbase created a visually appealing website with a modern UI, enriched by many content blocks or "bricks". Their blog features many articles that enhance SEO performance.