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Location-based Search Platform Woosmap makes the marketing team autonomous with React Bricks

Discover how Woosmap, leading location-based search platform used by Carrefour, Decathlon and big distribution brands made the marketing team autonomous in updating content with React Bricks.

Woosmap location platform chooses React Bricks

Something about Woosmap

Woosmap is a platform by Web Geo Services. Web Geo Services is a 10 years old mid size company of about 100 collaborators.

They have been working for over 10 years to bring Geolocation from the Consumer world to the Enterprise world. They built a platform to integrate enterprise data, compatible with maps from around the world, to enable businesses to take advantage of geolocation. Woosmap is the platform that helps developers integrate location-based services into their mobile applications or websites, with user rights designed for businesses, all without collecting user data.

Their front stack includes React, Redux and Next.js.

The challenge

The Marketing department had to be autonomous in updating the corporate website content. It was very important that they could schedule their publications / ads campaigns without worrying about the availability of the dev team to help them.

On the other side, the dev team was very eager to stay focused on their job, without being "disturbed" constantly by the Marketing department.

They were looking for a solution using their tech stack (React, Stylus CSS) so that it would be easy for developers to update and maintain, while offering a WYSIWYG experience to the Marketing department.

We first tried to use Wordpress. The marketing was able to update the content but it was a pain as soon as we had to create new templates. It was also a pain to administrate, upgrade... Then we tried Jekyll and Netlify CMS. The solution was quite convenient for the developers. But the Marketing department was not satisfied with the Markdown editor to update the content and it was not very easy to preview what was modified.
Jean Carrière @ Woosmap

Jean Carrière

VP of Engineering @ Woosmap

The choice

Woosmap looked for a headless CMS offering a way to preview easily what was being modified.

In their own words: "We shortlisted 2 solutions: Storyblok and React Bricks. We did a spike, testing these 2 tools. Finally, we chose React Bricks because it was answering all of our needs (React / Next.js stack, WYSIWYG, multilanguage...) and it was also the easiest one to use from both the development perpective and the content creation perspective."

The user experience

The UX designer designed their brand new corporate website, then the Front Development team created a catalog of bricks to be able to render this design. Through iterations with the Marketing department, they defined the variables (props) of each brick so that the Marketing department could have all the flexibility needed to create what they like.

The overall experience is really great so far. It was very easy for our Front Dev team to adopt the tool and develop the bricks. The marketing department is very satisfied by the UX: it was really easy for them to modify the content and to change the appearance of bricks. The React Bricks team was also very reactive to give us some advices or fix an issue when we saw one. 100% satisfied!
Jean Carrière @ Woosmap

Jean Carrière

VP of Engineering @ Woosmap

The result

Woosmap created their Next.js corporate website with top-performance, loved by its marketing department and developers.

It's just the beginning, but as our Marketing department is now autonomous in creating new landing pages and change content, they can work much faster than before.
Jean Carrière @ Woosmap

Jean Carrière

VP of Engineering @ Woosmap