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Django, subsidiary of La Banque Postale, chooses React Bricks to build their new website

Django, a subsidiary of La Banque Postale, a leading French bank, specializes in credit solutions. Their content management goal is to ensure ease of use for content editors, while consistently adhering to brand guidelines.

Django by La Banque Postale chooses React Bricks

About Django

Django is a wholly-owned subsidiary of La Banque Postale, a major French bank. It specializes in microcredit and split payment options. The company aims to dominate the Buy Now Pay Later market.

The challenge

Django required a user-friendly Headless CMS for their marketing team that could integrate seamlessly with the company's technology stack (React, TypeScript, and Next.js). The CMS also needed to be fully GDPR-compliant and maintain the corporate image of the website according to brand guidelines. Additionally, it was important for the editors to have autonomy, as Django wanted to avoid using developer resources for content editing and formatting.

Capbase features

Discovery and decision

Django discovered React Bricks searching for a React CMS with visual editing capabilities. React Bricks distinguished itself with its unique inline visual editing feature, its use of React components with TypeScript, and its data residency in Europe.

Other solutions were either too technical or didn't fit their processes, and lacked convenient development with React. The visual editing feature was particularly important as it would enable the marketing team to perform content updates quickly and efficiently.

The development experience was very good. The website reflects our values and BNPL services. It's easy for both the developers and the marketing team to maintain and update.
Alexandre Leclercq @ Django

Alexandre Leclercq

CTO @ Django

Capbase Blog


The development team creates the React components, which the marketing team uses to compose the website pages.


The development process was highly effective. The editing interface, while simple to use, is incredibly powerful, making website updates a breeze.

The new website accurately represents Django's values and services, saving valuable time for both the development and marketing teams.