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Cortina Bikes leverages React Bricks' visual capabilities to create their new Next.js website

Discover why Cortina chose React Bricks for its products website with visual editing and integration with external APIs for products specification and the store locator.

Cortina Bikes chooses React Bricks

About Cortina

Cortina is a brand of Kruitbosch, a Dutch bicycle manufacturing company with over 200 employees, in business since 1955. Cortina has become a significant player in the e-bike and city bike markets not only in its home country, the Netherlands, but also in Belgium, France, and Germany.

The challenge

Cortina aimed to transition from an outdated CMS to a more future-proof solution. They required a CMS that was flexible for the IT department, while also being user-friendly for the Content Management/Marketing department. Additionally, some product data needed to be sourced from the company's product API.

Cortina website made with React Bricks
We were looking for a CMS that would be user-friendly for content editors and easy to implement for developers. With ReactBricks, we satisfied both requirements.
Pim Veneman @ Cortina Bikes

Pim Veneman

Product Owner @ Cortina Bikes

Discovery and decision

The discovery happened through a Google search. The decision to adopt React Bricks was made because it is user-friendly for both the development team and the content editors.

Cortina website made with React Bricks


Despite facing challenges due to complex requirements, Cortina successfully created impressive functionalities, combining data from multiple external APIs and visually edited content.

The React Bricks team provided invaluable support to help us overcome the challenges we faced. Their guidance allowed us to make significant progress and achieve our goals.
Areg Karoyan @ Cortina Bikes

Areg Karoyan

Frontend developer @ Cortina Bikes


Cortina crafted a visually appealing and functional new brand site for both the Netherlands and the international market.

Cortina website made with React Bricks