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React Bricks sponsor at React Paris: unpacking the conference

Insights, inspiration and vibes from React Paris, where React Bricks was Silver sponsor.
Diego Salinas Gardón
Diego Salinas Gardón
Apr 11, 2024
React Bricks sponsor at React Paris: unpacking the conference


When React Bricks decided to jump in as Silver Sponsor for React Paris, we knew we were signing up for more than just a conference.

It was another opportunity to interact with the experts of the React ecosystem and enjoy the charm of Paris.

But we got a lot more: insights, inspiration, and a real sense of where React is headed next.

Highlights from the talks

The lineup at React Paris was like the Avengers of the React world, each bringing their unique superpower to the stage. Speakers covered everything from UI performance and design systems to component scalability and TypeScript integration.

Esteemed speakers, including Josh Comeau, Una Kravets, Anthony Fu and Tejas Kumar, provided valuable insights, sparking lively discussions among participants.

React Bricks at React Paris 2023

Networking and community engagement

React Paris wasn’t all about the talks. The event provided ample opportunities for attendees to connect, share experiences, and exchange ideas. We saw highly engaged attendees, genuinely interested in the talks and eager to learn more about the sponsors' activities.

On a funny note, our “Build a car with Lego bricks” contest drew more participants than ever, resulting in some extraordinary creations. It was heartwarming to see everyone laughing and remembering their childhood for a minute.

React Bricks at React Paris conference

We even had the chance to meet our idol, Josh Comeau, in person (who also won the third prize in our Lego contest).

React Bricks at React Paris conference

The atmosphere was undoubtedly charged with enthusiasm, creativity, and a shared passion for React, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

As always, Aymen and Omar from BeJs did a fantastic job organizing the event. And let's not forget, the conference website is powered by React Bricks! 😎

The road ahead

It’s clear that React’s journey is far from over, with plenty of room for growth, innovation, and maybe a few surprises along the way. We’ve been inspired by the community's energy and the potential for future projects.

As for React Bricks, being part of React Paris was an opportunity to support the React community and feel part of this vibrant world.

Here’s a sneak peek at our roadmap: we’re working on enterprise self-hosting, scheduled backup on customer’s S3 storage, e-commerce starters, and… "drum roll" 🥁 an Astro starter! So expect the news soon.

Here’s to the next chapter in React Bricks’s story, hoping it includes just as much inspiration, community, and, yes, a bit of that Parisian flair.

React Bricks at React Paris conference