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React Bricks joins React Brussels as a Platinum Sponsor

React Bricks is now a Platinum Sponsor for React Brussels. Join us for exclusive workshops, tech talks, and more. Elevate your React skills!
Matteo Frana
Matteo Frana
Aug 31, 2023
React Bricks joins React Brussels as a Platinum Sponsor


We are thrilled to announce that React Bricks has come on board as a Platinum Sponsor for React Brussels, the premier conference for React developers in Belgium and beyond. This partnership underscores our commitment to fostering a vibrant React community and advancing the state of web development.

About React Brussels

React Brussels is a leading conference that brings together React enthusiasts, developers, and thought leaders from around the world.

The event offers a unique platform for learning, networking, and sharing best practices in the React ecosystem. With a lineup of world-class speakers, hands-on workshops, and interactive sessions, React Brussels is the go-to event for anyone passionate about React development.

React Bricks at React Brussels 2023

Why sponsoring the event?

React Bricks is a visual CMS that leverages the power of React components to offer a seamless, developer-friendly experience. As part of the React community, we try to attend to as many events as we can to connect with like-minded people but also show them what we’re doing with React.

As a Platinum Sponsor, React Bricks will also contribute to the conference's content, offering workshops and talks aimed at helping developers leverage React to improve content management.

Key features of React Bricks

  • It’s just React: create content blocks as React components: no more back and forth between the CMS and your code.
  • Visual Editing: React Bricks has a true visual editor as easy to use as Word or Pages, so that content editors are autonomous and happy.
  • Enterprise-ready: with Collaboration, Localization, Scheduled publishing, E-commerce integration, Image optimization, Change history, Editorial calendar, upcoming multiple Environments, Approval workflow, complete DAM, advanced SEO and much more!

More features

What to expect

As a Platinum Sponsor, React Bricks will have a significant presence at the conference. Here's what you can expect:

  • Exclusive demos: React Bricks experts will conduct demos during the conference and a workshop after the conference.
  • Tech talks: Gain insights into the latest trends and technologies in React development through talks by React Bricks team members.
  • Swag and giveaways: Visit the React Bricks booth for some cool swag and a chance to win exciting prizes.
React Bricks at React Brussels conference prize

Watch our talk

React inline visual editing: Now’s the time

Over the last 25 years, we have seen many products and services designed to edit websites in a visual way. They were either good for developers or for content editors: never for both.

We built React Bricks to overcome this limitation with a good abstraction that unifies the team and streamlines the process. We’ll explore the technical challenges we faced, and the solutions we found and we’ll see how fun it is to develop visually editable Lego bricks of content using just React components.

Join Us!

We invite you to join us at React Brussels to experience the future of React development. This is a golden opportunity to learn from the best in the industry, network with like-minded professionals, and get a firsthand look at how React Bricks is revolutionizing web development.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit the React Brussels website.

We look forward to seeing you there!

React Bricks at React Brussels conference